Set up your campaigns in just a few clicks and target your prospects
with accuracy within a brand-safe environment.

Media plan benefits

Our video inventory and audience is available
through the OpenRTB protocol and can be accessed either through
Open Auction or Private Deals

  • Open auction

    A quicker access to DMX

  • Private deal

    A deeper targeting on DMX

Once you're set with your connection type to DMX,
you can start making the most of our combined options.

  • Instream

    DMX is compliant with IAB's VAST and VPAID standards.
    Therefore, DMX offers 3 in-stream formats on Dailymotion's highly performing player.

    • Pre-roll


      for HD video display

    • Interactive pre-roll

      Interactive pre-roll

      to stimulate user engagement

    • Overlay


      to optimize frequency

  • Targeting

    • Multi-screen

      From smartphones to connected TVs, DMX is a holistic multi-screen unified platform able to display all of your in-stream video campaigns across 5 digital screens : Desktop, Mobile (mobile web, in-app), Tablet (mobile web, in-app), Gaming console and Connected TV (IPTV and set-top box).

      • Desktop

      • Mobile


      • Tablet


      • TV

      • Console

    • Contextual

      DMX offers 12 thematic categories for smarter and more accurate targeting :

      • Live


      • Arts


      • Music


      • Celebs


      • Sports


      • Tech


      • Entertainment


      • Lifestyle


      • Movies


      • Auto


      • News


      • Gaming


    • Audience

      Private deal only

      DMX data offer distinguishes from the market by its unique data collection. Our data is directly collected from our video player to faithfully fit with the browsing experience of our 300M monthly unique visitors. This allows us to provide the most genuine and accurate audience targeting to advertisers. Our data offer is segmented into 2 major groupings, socio-demographic and behavioral, to achieve comprehensive and relevant audience optimization.


      • Gender
        • male
        • female
      • Age
        • 15 - 24
        • 25 - 34
        • 35 - 44
        • 45 - 54
        • 55 - 64
        • 65+
      • Status
        • AB1
        • HH with children
        • Singles


      • Entertainment
        • cinema fans
        • music lovers
        • gamers
        • tech enthusiasts
        • news enthusiasts
        • buzz enthusiasts
        • trendsetters
      • Lifestyle
        • culture enthusiasts
        • travel enthusiasts
        • food lovers
        • green living
        • luxury enthusiasts
        • beauty enthusiasts
        • fashionistas
        • digital mums
      • Sports
        • sports fans
        • basketball
        • football fans
        • auto enthusiasts
        • tour de France fans
        • 24 du Mans fans

      On-demand custom segments are available to reach your specific target with pinpoint accuracy, and to help increase your ROI. Contact DMX Data Scientists here.

    • More

      Private deal only

      Private deals enable advertisers to target the DMX audience and inventory
      with even more granularity to ensure optimal ad effectiveness:

  • Quality

    • Brand safety

      Dailymotion Exchange has implemented tools that control all the inventory that is made available to our demand partners.

      Our inventory goes through a thorough verification process before an ad is called. For instance: content type identification, audio and video printing, fraudulent traffic detection and player viewability. This provides our demand partners with the insurance that their ad is displayed in a brand-safe and top-notch environment.

      This provides our demand partners with the insurance that their ad is being displayed in a healthy and top-notch environment.

      Our major brand safety partners include :

      • Audible Magic
      • INA
      • Forensiq
    • Viewability

      DMX is commited to providing an optimal positionning of your ad
      on every web page to maximize its impact

      We have partnered up with Integral Ad Science in order to track your campaigns
      and optimize your campaign results.

      Integral Ad Science

      Vpaid tags from viewability partners such as Meetrics and Moat are also accepted.

    • Verification

      DMX facilitates ad measurement by 3rd party institutions thanks to our flexible and state-of-the-art technology.

      Audience measurement tools such as Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) and Comscore Campaign Essentials (VCE) can be implemented directly through VPAID tags. Contact us for more info.

      DMX is also compliant with the IAB Guidelines and with the EU regulation regarding advertising.

      • Logo Nielsen
      • Logo ComScore
      • Logo iab
    • Specialist

      DMX is composed of a cross-disciplinary professionals
      to provide best-in-class services and support to our clients and partners.

      Based in Europe and in the United States, our technical and account management teams are dedicated to keeping clients a central focus and to ensure that our partnerships
      are perfectly setup to succeed from the start.

      Contact us for more info.

      • technical integration
        and preferences setup
      • campaign
      • business review
        and best practices
      • product



Learn more about our TECHNICAL PARTNERS

Technical partners Partner description DMX partner relationship
Logo Liverail Logo Facebook

LiveRail, a Facebook company, is a leading monetization platform for publishers, broadcasters, and mobile app developers, providing them with technology to sell their inventory smarter and safer across devices.

Through advanced people-based targeting, high performing formats, and granular controls, Liverail empowers its partners to successfully navigate the programmatic landscape and maximize ad revenue.

Founded in 2007, LiveRail Inc. is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with offices worldwide.

More on LiveRail

Dailymotion Exchange and Liverail partner up for enhanced ad delivery.

Dailymotion Exchange is using Liverail SSP (Sell-Side Platform) and adserving technology under a white-label solution to monetize both its inventory and audience. Dailymotion Exchange is consequently able to deliver better ROI for our advertisers while improving the user experience at the same time.

Logo Krux

Founded in 2010, Krux delivers data fabric for the consumer web via their data management platform (DMP). Krux helps their clients protect, manage, and monetize data across all digital screens and sources. With Krux, companies deliver cooler, safer, faster, smarter web experiences that also drive incremental revenues. With Krux, consumers gain confidence that their favorite web sites are delivering personalized yet safe experiences. Through their diverse community of clients and partners, Krux helps improve digital experiences with almost one billion internet users worldwide.

More on Krux

Dailymotion Exchange partners up with Krux with the goal to deliver the right ad to the right person.

A top requirement for Dailymotion is to identify our users across devices - web, mobile, app and connected devices. With Krux, we can manage and maintain a single view of the customer. These partnerships enable us to collect, analyze and segment our data in order to provide advertisers with the most accurate audience targeting for their campaigns.

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