Keep track of programmatic industry trends based on
instream purchase behaviors on Dailymotion Exchange.
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dmx's global programmatic barometer

The goal of this exclusive tool is to provide industry professionals with official Dailymotion Exchange
insights so they can have a grasp of the programmatic market's current trends and evolution.

The monthly-updated DMX barometer provides information regarding performances of our private
video exchange across more than 180 countries in which Dailymotion operates. All the data you'll find
here comes right from our supply side platform and this dynamic barometer allows you to browse past
and current insights, any time on any device.

Keep track of the reality of the market and plan your next move in this complex and fast-paced industry.


Attracting buyers...

bids since
January 2015

...with a competitive spirit...

Top 3 countries
with the highest number of bids

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

...And satisfying them

impressions since
January 2015

Thinking multi-screen...

VTR per device

  • Desktop

  • Mobile

...Through all connection types...

VTR per purchase model

  • Open Auction

  • Private Deal

...In heterogeneous markets

VTR per region

  • N.Am

  • EMEA


  • APAC

Meeting audience targeting needs...

with data

Private Deal deliver your ad to the most relevant viewers

Top 3
most demanded

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

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